NAI Photobook Magazine issue06 – BILL, SUN, YONG TAI (photo+video)

Editor Talk …We have arrived at ‘Nai’, the 6th book. How are you doing for the past 5 books? I hope that we will like each other more or less for the handsome men that ‘Nai’ brought to introduce to each other. …For this issue, there may be some concerns because in this work, ‘Nai’ brings 3 handsome young men to introduce to you at the same time. It’s called a complete book, starting from ‘Sun’ and ‘Yong Tai’, 2 handsome men. A new face that I would like to introduce to you and ‘Bew’, a handsome guy that many people who follow ‘Nai’ should know each other well. And his flow, which at this time, has not diminished at all. Of course, there are 3 handsome men in this event who will answer that there is something to surprise. Together throughout the book for sure!!! …The shooting atmosphere today is a bit hotter than usual. It may be called perfect summer, but our team and models are full. fight to the death put together hard to get the best photos let them know that the weather with a handsome young man in front of him Which one is hotter? or want to keep all 3 of them …Hopefully, this ‘Nai’ will be another book that everyone supports like every previous book. And sincerely request you to load the work that is right according to the copyright. And do not bring our work to be published outside is strictly prohibited In case the team can produce good quality works, there are new handsome men to introduce to each other constantly … Thank you.

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